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Revamping your kitchen with Janssen Contractors Christchurch is a seamless journey to achieving the heart of your home.

With a diverse range of kitchen styles from classic charm to modern sophistication, we promise a stress-free renovation, delivering on budget and on schedule.

Our commitment to excellence ensures your kitchen not only meets but exceeds your expectations, transforming it into a functional and inviting space tailored just for you.

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Welcome to Janssen Contractors Christchurch, where your kitchen transformation begins. Nestled in the heart of Christchurch, we excel in crafting kitchen spaces that are both stylish and functional, significantly enhancing the value of your home. Our dedication to selecting premium, locally sourced materials means each kitchen renovation adheres to the highest quality standards. Our skilled team ensures a fluid renovation experience, focusing on your complete satisfaction from start to finish. For a bespoke, hassle-free kitchen renovation journey in Christchurch, contact us for a free quote. We are committed to catering to the unique kitchen renovation needs of homeowners and property managers in the area. Our client-centered approach ensures every kitchen project is custom-tailored, capturing the essence of each client’s vision. We specialize in creating one-of-a-kind kitchen spaces, guaranteeing no two projects are alike. If you’re looking for a kitchen renovation that truly reflects your personal style and requirements, reach out to us on 03 660 1280 for a personalized consultation and start the journey toward your dream kitchen.


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L Shaped Kitchens Christchurch

The L-shaped kitchen layout is celebrated for its versatility, making it a favorite for both small and large spaces. It utilizes two adjacent walls efficiently, maximizing corner space and providing generous counter space. This layout fosters an open environment, with the flexibility to incorporate elements like refrigerators or islands, enhancing functionality and flow. Its blend of practicality and design freedom makes it a top choice for homeowners looking to balance functionality with creativity in their kitchen's configuration.

Island Kitchens Christchurch

Island kitchens embody modern design, combining functionality with aesthetic appeal in the heart of your home. This layout centralizes the kitchen island, making it a versatile hub for cooking, dining, and storage. It encourages interaction, allowing hosts to engage with guests while preparing meals, and integrates appliances for streamlined functionality. The design also supports additional seating and enhances the overall flow of the kitchen space. Its adaptability and stylish presence make island kitchens a favored choice, offering a perfect blend of practicality and contemporary design for homeowners.

U Shaped Kitchens Christchurch

The U-shaped kitchen layout, with its cabinets and countertops encircling three walls, provides an abundance of storage and vast workspace. This design optimizes kitchen efficiency, offering substantial counter space and ensuring that all essentials are within easy reach. It's the ideal choice for avid cooks who require ample room for their culinary activities and kitchen essentials.


Galley Kitchens Christchurch

Our galley kitchen renovations are tailored for maximizing efficiency in compact spaces, ideal for small homes or apartments. This layout features two parallel walls equipped with workstations and storage options, ensuring everything you need is within reach. We focus on smart design solutions to make the most of limited square footage, enhancing both functionality and style. Whether you're looking to update the look or improve the usability of your kitchen, our galley kitchen renovations are designed to transform your space into a modern, efficient cooking and dining area.

Why Renovate Your Kitchen?

Renovating your kitchen not only significantly boosts the value of your home but also adapts your living space to better suit your evolving lifestyle needs. Whether modernizing an outdated design, addressing wear and tear, or enhancing functionality and convenience, a kitchen makeover is a transformative step towards a more efficient and enjoyable home environment.

Our Christchurch Kitchen Renovation Process

Your kitchen renovation journey, from initial concept to final touches, involves collaboration with various trades and specialties, streamlined through a single point of contact for efficiency and ease. This process not only enhances the look of your kitchen but also improves functionality and increases your home’s value, significantly enriching your daily living experience. This brief overview aims to prepare you for the stages of a kitchen renovation, ensuring a smooth and rewarding transformation.


Step 1 | Consultation

Before any renovation work begins, it’s crucial to develop a detailed plan in collaboration with our on-site designer, tailored to your budget. This planning stage involves defining the project’s scope, setting a timeline, and identifying your priorities, ensuring the renovation is customized to fit both your vision and financial limits. Such strategic planning is key to a seamless renovation experience, establishing clear goals and benchmarks from the start.

Step 2 | Design Consultation

Collaborating with our designer, you’ll fine-tune your kitchen’s design for the perfect balance of aesthetics and function. Enhanced by 3D technology, we provide you with a realistic preview of the outcome, ensuring the design aligns with your preferences. This process allows you to visualize and adjust your kitchen’s transformation before renovation begins, facilitating informed decisions throughout.

Step 3 | Choose Materials

Selecting materials for your kitchen renovation is about finding the perfect blend of beauty and practicality. Opt for durable countertops like quartz or granite to match your style, and choose easy-to-clean splashbacks such as ceramic or glass for a blend of functionality and aesthetics. Consider durable flooring options like hardwood or porcelain tiles and select quality hardware for ease of use. Energy-efficient appliances and smart gadgets enhance functionality, while the right lighting and cabinetry choices can reflect your personal taste and meet your storage needs.

Step 4 | Manufacturing and Ordering

After finalizing the design, the details are passed to our manufacturing team, who begin procuring all necessary materials, hardware, and fittings for your custom cabinetry. This ensures a seamless transition from design approval to production, guaranteeing that each element of your kitchen cabinetry meets precise standards and integrates flawlessly with the overall design, preserving both the integrity and quality of your envisioned space throughout the manufacturing process.

Step 5 | Demolition and preparation

The kitchen renovation process begins with the removal of old components like cabinets, flooring, and appliances to clear the space. Following this, necessary repairs and preparations are undertaken, including updates to electrical and plumbing systems to support the new design. This stage is crucial for ensuring that the kitchen’s infrastructure is ready for the transformation, ensuring that everything aligns perfectly with the new layout and functionality enhancements planned.

Step 6 | Installation

The installation phase marks a key moment in your kitchen’s transformation, signaled by the arrival of your custom cabinetry. This stage is defined by the meticulous installation of every element, including cabinets, countertops, splashbacks, appliances, and flooring, all expertly aligned with the renovation’s vision. This period is when your careful planning and design decisions come to fruition, vividly bringing the envisioned aesthetics and functionality to life. It’s a critical process where each selected piece is assembled to unveil the kitchen’s new look and improved utility.

Step 7 | Final Touches

After the main installation, focus shifts to final touches that truly complete your kitchen. This includes painting or plastering, adding new lighting, shelving for extra storage, and decorative elements that align with the design theme. These finishing details are crucial for ensuring your kitchen not only works well but also reflects your personal style and blends seamlessly with your home.

Step 8 | Enjoying Your New Kitchen

Upon completion of the renovation, a comprehensive final review is performed by your assigned project manager to verify that all aspects adhere to our exacting standards. Should there be any need for adjustments, these are promptly addressed to ensure your absolute satisfaction. You then proceed with your own inspection and formally approve the project. Concluding this process, we furnish you with all crucial handover documents—warranties, compliance certificates, and guarantees—formalizing the completion of your kitchen’s transformation. This milestone signifies the beginning of your enjoyment of the newly renovated space.

Why Choose Us

Why Choose Janssen Contractors As Your Kitchen Renovation Partner?

Customer Satisfaction with a Personal Touch

Our commitment to excellence ensures that each kitchen renovation we undertake not only meets but exceeds expectations, providing unparalleled durability and a flawless finish that rejuvenates your space. Specializing in turning kitchens into enjoyable spaces, we focus on merging functionality with elegance, significantly enhancing your daily experience.

Accredited Christchurch Team

Janssen Contractors stands out in the kitchen renovation industry, celebrated for its commitment to quality and customer service. The team, driven by expertise and a passion for excellence, excels in crafting exceptional kitchen spaces, always aiming to surpass client expectations.

Broken Down Quotes

Our commitment to excellence shines in every kitchen renovation, delivering superior finishes that guarantee both longevity and a transformative appearance. Transparency is key in our process, provided through detailed, itemized quotes that clarify every project aspect, ensuring a smooth experience from beginning to end.

Styles For All Budgets

Our expertise lies in revitalizing your kitchen to match any style and budget, with a strong commitment to delivering quality and ensuring customer satisfaction. Every project we handle is executed to the highest standards, promising a transformed space that meets your expectations.

Extra Upgrades

At Janssen Contractors, we specialize in kitchen renovations that cater to every taste, offering a wide range of updates from sleek, modern cabinetry to energy-efficient appliances, luxurious countertops, and innovative lighting solutions. Our focus is on enhancing both the utility and beauty of your kitchen, ensuring each renovation balances contemporary style with environmental responsibility.

Built To Last

Our dedication to excellence means that each project we undertake goes beyond just looking good; we focus on ensuring durability and longevity. With trusted expertise, Janssen Contractors is not only your choice for kitchen renovations but also for crafting durable and aesthetically pleasing outdoor spaces.


Frequently Asked Questions

Embarking on a kitchen renovation can revitalize your home but may also raise questions about the process, materials, costs, and outcomes. To assist, we’ve compiled a detailed FAQ section addressing common renovation concerns, guiding you from start to finish. Should you need more personalized advice, we’re here to help. Our aim is to support and navigate you through this transformation, ensuring your project aligns with your vision and needs.

Yes, we oversee the full kitchen renovation, covering all aspects such as plumbing and electrical work, ensuring a cohesive project management from start to finish.

Absolutely, you're welcome to choose or supply your own fixtures and fittings. We're flexible and can incorporate your selections into the renovation plan.

Yes, we can tailor the renovation to fit your budget, providing options that balance cost without compromising on quality.

A kitchen renovation can vary, usually taking several weeks to a few months, depending on the project's complexity and scope.

Costs can be minimized by choosing cost-effective materials, maintaining the current layout to avoid extensive plumbing or electrical changes, and doing some work DIY if feasible.

The average cost can range significantly based on the project's scale and materials chosen. It's best to consult directly for a precise quote, contact us today.

Council consents may be necessary for structural changes or significant plumbing and electrical work. We can advise and handle the consent process as needed.

Through detailed consultations and using design software, we ensure your style and preferences are central to the renovation plan, guaranteeing the final kitchen reflects your vision.



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